Hungry and Thirsty

Hey there and welcome back. The guys aren’t up to no good but everyone knows that already just by seeing how these boyz party. There aren’t any limits for them so be ready to see it all in one scene. You like guys sucking dicks, you have it here or maybe you like guys drilling their asses, well you can find that here as well. The horny guys offered a show, a great one. The party boyz spend some time on their knees blowing one another’s hard cock and the guys didn’t stop until they were covered with jizz and you must see their face drenched in cum. But there’s more to it, you didn’t actually think that this was all.


That’s not all, they couldn’t let you guys with that so they made things more interesting and began bareback fucking their asses, going deeper and deeper up one another’s ass. Hungry and thirsty are the perfect words to describe these two and they finally got what they wanted and did we. We just can’t get enough of these party boys and we know you guys fell the same way. The gallery and video are waiting for you guys by following the link below and stay tuned for more updates because we got so many great things prepared for you guys. Enjoy it and stay tuned for more crazy boyzparty! See you next time! Until then, check out the site and have fun watching some sexy t girls getting ass fucked!

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Boyz Party – Lover Cum Back

Boyz party and as you already know they party hard. There’s nothing better than seeing two horny twinks banging one another and jerking off their dicks. The best part is that you have one of the best places in the house and it’s like you are there with them. The horny boys had it all working for them as they had the entire house all to themselves. Their parents are friends so they didn’t mind knowing that both of their boys are under the same roof. They thought that this will make it more easy for them to check on them, we doubt that this was such a great idea but it worked for the guys.

Well, the guys stayed out of trouble but mainly because they had a completely different agenda that involved a lot of fucking and sucking dicks. So they kept their promise and stayed out of trouble and they really took good care of one another. The guys spend most of their day sucking one another’s dick and getting drenched in cum. The ending was the same every single time, a rough ass fucking marathon and after a short break, they started it again. So you are going to see fucking on and on for an entire weekend so get ready. See the boyzparty their own way in the gallery below and don’t forget to tell us what you think about it! For similar material, check out the blog and see a horny shemale getting kinky!


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Hotter in Threes

When we say boyz party you might think about two guys banging but for this one we’ve got three hunks taking turns on banging one another’s ass. Who knew that detention can be so much fun? All three of them are trouble makers so their teachers decided to keep them under their supervision after school. That went well for a few days until the guys stopped showing up because they found a way more interesting way of spending that time. Instead of staying at school they would gather at one of them and get busy pounding one another. It’s their time so way waste it on something that doesn’t help them?

Detention was such a waste of time, just sitting there and waiting for time to pass so you can go home. So way waste valuable time when the guys could do something more productive. We think it’s pretty clear that their way is more fun for everyone. So do not miss this cute twink getting double teamed, one of his buddy stuffing his mouth while the other took care of his ass, pounding it as hard as he could. And yes things are hotter in three in case you had any doubt about it. Everyone gets fucked and jizzed, every hole getting stuffed by everyone there. Enjoy it and stay tuned for more hot updates. See you next time! Until then, check out the site and see some hot shemales sucking cocks!


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Boyz Party – Friction Fiction

These boyz party on and on and you can see that in all these latest updates that we shared with you. This time everything took place at a comic book convention and these comic book fans really surprised us and after seeing these two blowing one another and fucking we’ve seen it all. There was this convention that took place once a year and everyone was there so see the latest issues and to find out what’s coming up next. We never thought that these guys can get this dirty but you never know with them. After this presentation, we got to see these two going to an empty room and having a little party of their own. These geeks really surprised us, but let us tell you more about their little encounter.

The guys locked the door and started blowing and banging one another without knowing that they were being recording during it all. The horny party boyz began blowing one another’s dick but not before giving one another a good rub. After this things only got hotter between them and they didn’t slow down at all so get ready to see them get hot and heavy while banging one another’s ass. You have the entire scene below and you should really check it out see everything that went down between them. You can see boyzparty in the older updates too! Also you can enter the site and see a hot t girl swallowing big loads of warm and sticky cum!


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Horny Is As Horny Does

Yes these guys are as horny as they can possibly be but that doesn’t mean that the boyz party less. This actually means that the guys throw even more parties so we will get even more gay fucking scenes. We think this party went pretty well as the host got to bang whomever he wanted to. This guy threw a sick party at his place to celebrate his new condo and he invited all of his guy friends to join him. Everyone was asked to bring someone new to the party so they could mix it up a bit and by the end of the party, everyone had their eyes on someone. The host was the first one to pick and he went to this shy guy that stood most of the time by himself. He was curious to see how shy he is in the bedroom. You never know with these guys so why not give it a try.


He took him to his bedroom with a pretty lame excuse, but hey it worked, both of them are there right? The guy was pretty hammered and that helped him more than he would’ve expected. He had this guy at this feet so it was a matter of minutes until he would get to bang his cute little ass. The poor guy didn’t know what hit him and he’s sure gonna feel that after he sobers up the next day. See more below or enter the site and see some horny shemales fucking their men’s buttholes!

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Boyz Party – Cum On Over

Every day these guys find a reason to party and like we earlier nobody parties like these boyz party. Their parties are so wild and most of the time they end up being more of a gay orgy than anything. For today we got two more guys taking turns on nailing their asses. Like most of their parties they end up in the bedroom with another guy and this was their case as well. All of the rooms were taken so they had to settle for the main living room. While they were busy pounding one another, one of the guys put a camera on of the table and set it on record and that’s always great news.

The guys didn’t know that they were recorded and they didn’t even notice anyone entering the room so this was a surprise for them as well. Like we said that didn’t affect them at all and the guys still had a blast sucking and fucking one another’s ass. Things can’t get dirtier than during these parties and if you’ll check out the entire gallery you’ll see what we are talking about. These boyz party and you are going to see them out of control, from handjobs to blowjobs, to rough ass fucking you can find it all in the scene below and you can also enjoy some of the older gay updates as well. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time or visit the site if you wanna see a hot t girl getting her tight ass stretched by big cocks!


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Ewan and Gabriel

Ewan and Gabriel love to party, well most of the boyz party around here, but these are just the perfect fit for us. They like fucking hard and don’t mind having cameras filming them while doing that. Ewan and Gabriel aren’t shy at all so from the beginning of the scene they gave it their best and you can see that. They started it all by undressing one another and giving us a closer look at their bodies and hard dicks. A blowjob session was needed so Ewan was the one that started sucking off Gabriel’s dick and all he can do was stare and Ewan’s dick waiting his turn.

After this, the guys were ready for something rougher so they began nailing their fine asses and they didn’t stop until they dumped their loads in one other’s ass. Below we got some really great pictures, a lot of close-ups and of course a video of it all. We enjoyed what they did and we are sure that you guys will too so don’t miss it out. If you want to see more boyzparty and this isn’t enough for you, you can always check out some of the older updates too. We can assure we have enough guys that will surprise you and keep you busy until our next update. See you guys tomorrow with the latest update for you favorite party boyz! If you can’t wait until tomorrow’s post, check out the site and see a naughty tranny getting her ass drilled!


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Boyz Party – Call Me

These boyz party and they party hard as you can see in the preview below. You must see these guys blowing one another’s dick after one more of their wild parties. The guys had a blast like the always do, these college parties are the best thing to watch. These young guys can finally do what they want and they are sure making up for all the lost time. Having no one supervising them made them go a bit over the board and as you can see in most of the updates around here there aren’t a lot of things they say no to. Like these two, for example, both of them are freshmen and since they got here they’ve got to fuck or to be fuck by most of their fraternity friends.

boyz-party-call-meThese are the type of guys we described earlier and don’t miss any chance of getting laid. Even if there isn’t too much to do they still find a way and get some action. The guys didn’t hurry at all and they gave us an amazing show to check out and you as always have the best seat in the room. With one phone call, all of this was possible and the horny twinks got what they wanted today as well. These boyzparty like no one else! Remember this is just a preview so there’s a lot more that you guys can see from this update. Check out the blog if you liked this scene and you wanna see a hot tranny sucking cocks!

Take a look at these guys blowing one another’s dick!


Chad Cole and Luke Desmond

Two more boyz party hard in this latest update. Chad Cole and Luke Desmond are here to show you guys a really good time as they spend some time blowing and banging one another’s ass. The two horny twinks are up to no good as they skipped their classes for some alone time. They didn’t have the house for themselves all day long so they had to find the right time for some alone time. The guys went straight to the bedroom and for the entire hour they had at their disposal and they didn’t leave one minute earlier. After jerking off their dicks and sucking one another the guys got even hornier so their tight fine asses were next in line.

Chad and Luke took turns on nailing their asses and shoving their dicks deeper and deeper in one another’s ass hole while recording everything for you guys. But this is just to give you guys an idea of what went on between them but you must see the entire thing to get a better look at Chad’s face after Luke jizzed all over him and also seeing both of them taking loads. The horny twinks gave up some amazing material that we sure are going to enjoy and we are pretty sure that you guys will too. Watch the boyzparty in the gallery below and stay tuned for more updates! Also you might enter theĀ site and see other horny gay guys sucking cocks!


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Boyz Party – Booked For Booty

We got two more guys that love to party and you how these boyz party! From an ordinary party, things end up in a gay orgy with guys banging one another in every single room. This is one of those parties and today we are going to focus on these two guys for now. The guys were on their summer break and they wanted a summer to remember before they go to college. So every day was a different party. They took turns on throwing parties depending when they go the house free. We are focusing on these two mainly because they spend the entire time in the bedroom and things get a bit over control between them and you just gotta see it.

The party guys started with some inappropriate cock grabbing during the party and as things were getting hotter and hotter they head to one of the bedrooms to have more privacy. Well, privacy is really rare at this party because one of their friends was there recording everything without these two even noticing that someone was recording them during the entire thing. The guys were so into it that they completely block anything else in that room. They had some time in their hands so they tested out every corner of the room fucking their asses all over the place. Check them out in the boyzparty in the scene below or enter the site and see other hot guys getting fucked!


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